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Can anyone define this? It will be difficult. You may be having a skill writing, some in photography, and some others in marketting and some others in something else. My question is very simple. What is skill? I can define it to be a special ability for someone to do a specified task.

Please define skill in your words

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Current status of Malayalam film industry

What is malayalam film industry. Everyone will be familiar of the same. Then which is this malayalam film industry. Actually, malayalam is the mother tongue of the people of kerala. And kerala is a southernmost state in India. Film industry is being at its success in many parts of the world. But when we consider malayalam film industry, it is not so. Here, the maximum budjet of a film yet is 25,000 for the film ‘pazhassiraja’. And it was a great success. Still, it was not able to collect the whole amount back. You want to think it is the film industry which made most of the evergreen films in india like ‘manichitratazh’ (remade to hindi- bool bhulayya), talavattom(remade to hindi- kyon ki) e.t.c. and still the industry is weak. Hope for the best with this industry. Stay tuned for more.

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