05 Aug

It wasnt my ambition
It was just my dream..
wch gave me happiness for
years without any fail..

I dint ignite it..
Coz I knew it will never come true..
But it started 2 burn one day
Coz that was its destiny..

The fire was cool in the beggining
it dint hurt me ever
but i foresee ashes
n knew it wl end like dat

knowingly ignored a fact dat
A dream iz always a dream
In an effort 2 make it real
Foolish, I burn my heart

I felt lucky 2 live in my dreamworld
Tho it was only for a few days
Magical was, those days
In the extreme of happiness!

One day i was pushed outta ma world
I Realise it when it started 2 pain
Pain of fire wch swallowed my heart
Fire dat vapourised my blood n tears

Stunned n scared I opened my eyes
I saw my world far away like a dot
I was falling down without a rope
to the real world far down behind me

I thought,soon i can touch d ground
But i got scattered 2 a thousand piece
Pieces of ash,which cant be seen
Taken away by an unknown wind

Now my dream spread everywhere
Though i know dat no one cn see it
Im so happy dat I cn feel it, But
I lost my dream wn I turn it real

I wander with d wind east n west
Searching for the spark dat ignited my heart
thats the place where I lost my soul
Coz Without a soul y shud i live?…



Posted by on August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


2 responses to “LOST DREAM

  1. ashiqhi

    August 5, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    hi shayas….. thank u so much…


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