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Can something be better than the best???

Normally, Question arises when one use more of metaphor or similey. What actually these do is just confusing people. Just confusing people. But sometimes they have meanings. Isn’t it?

Basically, the best today may not be the best tomorrow. In such a case, is it wrong to tell ‘better than the best?’ . It is a matter of thinking and such metaphors actually have a wide range of possibilities to move either sides. It is the language which I think has the role to play, where there are confusing sentences. A fiction normally may makes one think differently than the other. But whatever be it be, the meaning differs for different people and it collectevely calls a fiction. It has all possibilities opened. May be the seekers get only way. It is not a problem with the fiction but is the freedom of audience or seekers to get the finality or completeness of fiction. Fiction thus can make you think differently, very differently. I think what I am writing and people may think differently here. Some thing I am mad and some thing I am a philosopher. What ever be it be, I got two ways of thinking here. And I believe in such a case, I had made them think differently.

Signing out for the day. Hope to see sooooooooon. Good Night, everybody

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