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I opened my wordpress account and I was just sitting in front of my laptop. I was not sure what to write. I just thught for a moment and then I thought why can’t I write about my state. It will be really interesting, if you know more about my state, Kerala. Many may be wondering where this kerala is. It is just a state in India. And I am sure everyone must have heard about this great country-India. I was just wondering why India was not named as United States of India, rather than just India. Even if all the states differ in their culture and language, we call it together as the great country, India. I feel I am talking out of my topic and I would like to tell about my state here rather than my country. It is not because Kerala has shown such a great character, but just because India is an union of many such great characters.

About Kerala, the basic demographic and geographical features are available in Wikipedia. It is composed of 14 districts. It extends from Kasaragod in the north till Trivandrum in the south. I am a person from Kasaragod district in the state of Kerala. I had travelled across all the districts in Kerala, except Pattanamtitta and Malappuram. The uniqueness among all the districts in Kerala has caught my eyes the most. It is like Kochi is not so big, but Kasaragod is not so small. You may be wondering why I referenced Kasaragod, coz I had just compared two cities in Kerala, where Kochi is one of the biggest and Kasaragod is one of the smallest cities in Kerala.

What more, just check HDI index of Kerala. You will amazed as the index rating is so high. You will be amazed if you know that Kerala’s HDI is a bit more than USA. Am I crazy? No. I am not kidding. If Kerala were a country, there will be only two countries in this world (Australia and Norway), which has an HDI index higher than that of Kerala. I am so sure, there will be someone who donot know about HDI or Human Development Index. I would recommened to know more about HDI. You may also see such amazing reports on sex ratio, infant mortality ratio and many other measures.

The social developments in Kerala is just at a superior level, which actually tells silently to other countries to learn from Kerala. What made Kerala to show such a higher level of Social development? I had seen many blogs supporting the first democratically elected communist government in Kerala. But I have a very different opinion on that. The social development and the empowerment of women in Kerala has actually started many years before the communist government has actually elected. The great Kings of different areas were very good ruling Kerala inorder to bring social development in the state. It should be also noted that Kerala was actually not controlled by the british for a longer time. Many kingdoms just tried to go along with the British. It is because of that fact, you can still see the Kings and Queens at Tiruvitamkoore(Comes under Trivandrum) and many other dynasties in Kerala.

What could have made Kerala different. There were so many records saying about the trade relation of Kerala with many other countries. This can one of the most important cause for the social development in Kerala. As Kerala is open to sea, there were many trade links between different counties and Kerala had trade and had a connection with many other cultures along the world.

Isn’t these news amazing? The wonders on Kerala and it’s history has not ended. It is so brief and one must have to study it for days. For the time, I am stopping here. I will coming up with more posts in the future.

Thank you for reading

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CII to set up Centre for Excellence in Kerala

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in association with the Kerala government, will set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in the state, its southern region chairman G.V.Sanjay Reddy said Friday.

Speaking to media persons after meeting with Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, Reddy said the Kerala government had agreed to provide all necessary infrastructure for the proposed venture.

‘The CoE will basically be looking into innovation and entrepreneurship, and would be the place for interaction with industry in the state. It would promote employment, besides concentrating on research and development,’ said Reddy.
[Courtesy: Mathrhubhumi]

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Dell Inspiron 14R-N4010 Laptop

A newer laptop is at home. Simply, it’s dell.
System configurations:
Hard Disc: 320 GB
Intel i3 core processor
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It wasnt my ambition
It was just my dream..
wch gave me happiness for
years without any fail..

I dint ignite it..
Coz I knew it will never come true..
But it started 2 burn one day
Coz that was its destiny..

The fire was cool in the beggining
it dint hurt me ever
but i foresee ashes
n knew it wl end like dat

knowingly ignored a fact dat
A dream iz always a dream
In an effort 2 make it real
Foolish, I burn my heart

I felt lucky 2 live in my dreamworld
Tho it was only for a few days
Magical was, those days
In the extreme of happiness!

One day i was pushed outta ma world
I Realise it when it started 2 pain
Pain of fire wch swallowed my heart
Fire dat vapourised my blood n tears

Stunned n scared I opened my eyes
I saw my world far away like a dot
I was falling down without a rope
to the real world far down behind me

I thought,soon i can touch d ground
But i got scattered 2 a thousand piece
Pieces of ash,which cant be seen
Taken away by an unknown wind

Now my dream spread everywhere
Though i know dat no one cn see it
Im so happy dat I cn feel it, But
I lost my dream wn I turn it real

I wander with d wind east n west
Searching for the spark dat ignited my heart
thats the place where I lost my soul
Coz Without a soul y shud i live?…



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Termites could act as low-cost biofuel refinery

Termites, one of the peskiest household pests, could become a cheap source of biofuels for fuel-consuming four wheelers.

A cocktail of enzymes from guts of termites seems better at getting around the barriers that inhibit fuel output from woody biomass, according to a new study.

‘People have overlooked the host termite as a source of enzymes that could be used in the production of biofuels,’ said Mike Scharf, professor in molecular physiology and urban entomology at Purdue University.

‘For a long time it was thought that the symbionts (small organisms in termites’ guts), were solely responsible for digestion,’ said Scharf, reports the journal Public Library of Science One.

‘Certainly the symbionts do a lot, but what we’ve shown is that the host produces enzymes that work in synergy with the enzymes produced by those symbionts,’ said Scharf, according to a Purdue statement.

‘When you combine the functions of the host enzymes with the symbionts, it’s like one plus one equals four,’ he added.

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