Projec basics

Are you interested to do a project? Oh , come on, you can do it. This is very simple.
I will teach you the first five steps.
1. Requirement phase, where we look for what all are needed for the project. Don’t be lazy. Collect all required informations from where ever possible.
2. Design phase, where we thing how the project must be viewed by the users. We must design it appropriately to make it user friendly. Understood? Ok. I will in to the next step.
3. Coding, where we code the program. This just tells how the entire project works. This is very essential as it runs the project. So, it is needed to learn any computer language. This may be harder, but proffesionals don’t have a word like impossible in there dictionary.
4. Testing phase, where the entire testing of the project is done. So, the project must be tested. Got it? Or you may face some harsh experience in the market.
5. Implementation phase, where the project is implemented. This marks the end of the project.

Yes, your project is over. Ya, you are now reached the point and now you can start enjoying doing many projects. Thank you for now and an just leaving. Bye.

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