It is known to all that kerala has got an IPL Team for itself. But it is still a question whether it will remain here or not?
Yes, IPL is a game, but a game of money and not cricket. Definitely, IPL brought many young talents, it brought profit to many of the bussiness people more. That means, the owners are looking at the profit and not the quality of game.
It was just a dream for kerala fans for an IPL team for their own state during last year. But the team become real this year all of a sudden.
Kerala super star mohanlal and bollywood super director priyadarsham were trying for the same team in the beginning, but suddenly withdrew from the team auction(later, priyadarshan told this was due to some political pressure,but not specified).
It was unexpected that a new consortium namely kerala consortium was build by some bussiness peoples and they buyed the team. But it is still a question whether the team will stay? Whether sunanda pushkar has been controlled by sasi tharoor? These are not known but t is sure that lalit modi or north indian politicians are trying for the same team. And even pranab mukherjee has been involved in a small part. But it is to be kept in mind that gaekwad was the CEO in the past and not today, and whether this can shift the team to allahabad.
I actually wait for your comments and i hope you will do it.
Thank you.


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